Aqua Kinetic

Aqua Kinetic is the state-of-the-art prophylaxis, assessment, and medical recovery clinic for babies, preschoolers, schoolchildren and teenagers (including tailor-made and digitally assisted trainings for various age groups), using a unique combination of advanced technologies that incorporate virtual and augmented reality and therapies in a controlled aquatic environment. We’re the clinic for superheroes!

In our work we are often assisted by avatars who listen, understand and speak the language of superheroes.

We test superpowers, we provide super-weapons and super-armors, we activate new superpowers, we track and measure in time their use and what is really important, everything seems like a game. And even if you haven’t lost any superpower, but you just want to remain a superhero, if you have too much energy or too little, you find here the right environment, technology and resources.

How do we do it? We have a team of super-cheerful, super-motivated and super-motivating therapists who have super-innovative technologies on their side.

Aqua Kinetic
Super Armor

We provide super-armor for superheroes with deficiencies: orthopedic, metabolic, neuromuscular, neurological, genetic syndromes, delays in motor development, autism.

Aqua Kinetic super-armor: complex medical recovery therapies in a controlled aquatic environment, complex assessment, recovery and training programs using advanced technologies that incorporate virtual and augmented reality, pediatric kineto-prophylaxis, specialized and / or digitally assisted kinesiotherapy on various age groups, aquatic therapy, postural and musculoskeletal system assessments, digitally assisted gymnastics and training programs, personalized childhood obesity control programs, ADHD, autism.

Aqua Kinetic Super-Weapons

Our superheroes need weapons in battles with various deficiencies, and Aqua Kinetic provides the most technologically advanced ones: