hidrokineto 1

The 2 aquatic therapy pools benefit are equipped with the most advanced water treatment system available, a unique technology, specially designed for the needs of children and babies, by the world leader in water treatment, the German company Prominent. Water is treated naturally, completely chemical-free, maintaining the water pH at the value of the tear pH, and the ability of oxide reduction in drinking water, while the temperature is maintained at 32-33 degrees, international standard for working with babies and the kids.

Second pool is equipped with work platforms at various heights, water treadmill, water bike and hydraulic lift for water transfer of children with motor disabilities. We also use only professional and safe materials for aquatic therapy sessions: floating objects and platforms, weights for the aquatic environment, mini height adjustment platforms, transforming recovery into a pleasant and comforting activity. In this way, children look forward to aquatic therapy sessions, which is a victory, as we all know that classic medical recovery is not necessarily a pleasant process.