armeo 1

Armeo is a medical equipment based on virtual reality technology, intended for patients with impaired function of the upper extremity, caused by: neurological disorders (cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, Guillain-Barre syndrome), trauma (injuries of the peripheral nervous system, fractures) or musculoskeletal disorders (instability, pain, orthopedic surgery). This equipment produced by the undisputed leader of technological medical recovery, the American company Hacoma, allows the patient to perform specific exercises to increase muscle strength and range of motion of the joints, with the overall goal of improving functional skills. Furthermore, Armeo can assist in assessing the improvement of functional skills during therapy.

Thus, the results are completely measurable with the help of clear and easy-to-read reports. The pediatric module we use contains sets of virtual reality exercises, all therapies based on play, being extremely pleasant and even expected by young patients. Basically, recovery takes place effortlessly in a motivational environment. We perform intensive therapy of the upper limb through self-initiated, active, repetitive and motivating movements in a virtual environment, versatile, full of color and charm of augmented reality and interactive games.

This allows us to overcome the limitations of classical therapy: lack of motivation, limited number of repetitions and unclear assessment of progress.