evitarea erorilor

The PMS (Pool Management System) is actually a process automation that collects information on water quality using a system of sensors, interrogated at predetermined intervals, and adjusts the processes accordingly. The entire operation of the pools, even the non-permanent activities, are subordinated to a computer system that provides control, interface with the human factor and information to users. You can see the water parameters at any time on the monitors in the standby area, as they are measured at that time sequence. There is no human intervention, no error, no postponed or unperformed activities.

The BMS system (Building Management System) is the brain of the complex. It manages centrally: heating, cooling and ventilation, respectively the operation of: central heating, condenser compressor group, chiller, air centrals, solar panels and ventilation convectors, constantly ensuring the desired microclimate in all spaces.

Systems monitoring and maintenance: the activity of PMS and BMS is physically monitored by the maintenance staff based on a procedure and online by the companies that provided the technical solutions based on assistance contracts.