misiune echilibrata

We contribute to the harmonious, healthy and balanced development of children through programs that uniquely combine: kinesiotherapy in the gym, modern therapies based on virtual or augmented reality technology and aquatic therapy, being specially designed by age and individual stages. Studies show that the traditional kinesiotherapy sessions or those using advanced medical devices based on virtual reality technology, if started early, prevent postural deficits, poor body positions and play an important role in the neuromotor development of children, and aquatic therapy strengthens the immune, cardiovascular and pulmonary system, helps strengthen the bone, joint and muscle and is a form of recovery of diminished functions after illness or trauma, complementing the results obtained through kinesiotherapy. Our programs include sessions of: therapy using virtual reality, kinesiotherapy, aquatic therapy, and specialized massage, being designed to ensure the harmonious development of children by: prevention and prophylaxis of the most common diseases, correction of posture deficiencies, walking or running and recovery from a wide range of orthopedic, neurological, metabolic, neuromuscular disorders, including rare genetic syndromes, autism, child obesity, etc.

We are a professional team of cheerful adults and at the same time serious, creative and motivating, engaged in the challenging mission to maintain the charm and flavor of childhood in the recovery sessions.