digital wall 1

Digital WALL is an innovative state-of-the-art digital system (combines reality with virtual reality), provided by the Italian company Tecno Body with the help of which assessment, training and recovery activities can be performed. It includes hundreds of pre-set and specific exercises and programs for training and re-education of posture, muscle strength, endurance and balance, the therapist being able to choose tailor-made exercises.

With the 3D camera and a strength platform, Digital WALL recognizes in real time up to 16 joints of the body and every movement performed in the operating area. Using a large digital mirror, each activity that takes place has real-time bio-feedback.

Using a personal recognition key, each patient can be identified in the system, thus performing a personal training. All workouts are digitally recognized and quantifiable in terms of quality and quantity.

Digital WALL is a modern and efficient system that is created for children who suffer from an orthopedic condition, but also those who need exercise, for example for weight control. The different test and training modules of control, muscle strength, agility, endurance, posture and proprioceptive system provides a wide range of applicability. At the end of the session, reports are generated that measure progress in real time. We have 60 protocols for medical recovery, 45 protocols for maintaining healthy physical activity and 40 protocols for children who want to do sports.