GPs lab 2

The postural analysis laboratory is a non-invasive method of diagnosis and assessment in the field of orthopedics and medical recovery, which studies the posture of the whole body to determine the primary causes that cause osteo-articular symptoms. An early diagnosis of postural deficiencies leads to a speedy recovery.

The postural analysis unit is used to determine the deviations of the spine through a high-performance system of video cameras that allow the acquisition of high-resolution images, images that can be analyzed using software to detect deficiencies or measure different body segments.

The podoscope is used in the analysis of static disorders of the foot, the software allowing the exact measurement of each foot, as well as the detection of possible deviations of the ankle. The equipment shows the loading of the weight on each foot and the areas of contact with the ground plane. The results of the postural analysis are easily interpretable with the help of reports, and the patient easily observes and controls his/her own posture by constantly viewing an image of the segments in a grid projected on the wall.