It is a medical therapy device that can operate by the patient’s muscular strength or with the motorized support of their movement developed by the European leader Reck for children with movement restrictions. Users can train while seated in a wheelchair or from a chair. This is a program that complements physical, ergo and sports therapy measures.

Motomed passive movement therapy helps to correct reduced muscle tone and can counteract the development of muscle atrophy and contractions with spastic paralysis. At the same time, sustained movement therapy allows active training even with minimal muscle strength, thus improving walking ability.

With the Motomax motivation program, the children create their Max game character, who supports them in the recovery process. The simple principle and cheerful nature of the game rewards the children for their physical effort and motivates them to longer and more regular training sessions.

The system allows 3 types of therapy:

  • Passive – effortless motorized movement is ideal for adjusting muscle tone, relaxing stiff muscles and for early mobilization after long rests. Passive training stimulates blood circulation, digestion and joint flexibility.
  • Engine support, allowing easy transition from passive to active training. A sustained motor movement stimulates strength and endurance even with minimal muscle strength.
  • Active workout, using own muscular strength to overcome adjustable resistance levels, strengthen the muscles of the leg, arm and upper train and stimulate the cardiovascular system.

Therapeutic objectives

  • Promotes walking;
  • Reduces the consequences of lack of movement;
  • Reduces spasticity;
  • Activates residual muscle endurance;
  • Strengthens the moral status;
  • Counteracts fatigue.