myro 2

Myro is an intelligent therapy table, based on virtual reality, which allows for the first time the therapeutic use of real objects in preparation for graphic-motor training and also the use of spatial exploration elements, in a motivating and recovery task-oriented way.

The technology invented by the Austrian company Tyromotion, makes it possible to simultaneously detect several points of contact or objects, presenting the advantage of interactive and intuitive control. Daily movements can be trained / retrained, and motor skills can be gradually re-learned with this sophisticated therapy support equipment. All processes are statistically recorded and can be used for further documentation and assessment. The results are completely measurable with the help of clear and easy to interpret reports. The Myro therapy system is generally used for the neurological rehabilitation of the upper limbs. Repetitive active exercise and training stimulate neuroplasticity and, therefore, the modification (adaptation) of synapses, nerve cells or even the entire brain area in order to regain lost functionality. Although for children it looks like a large touch screen, with which they can’t wait to interact, this revolutionary equipment helps them restore the motor functions of the upper limb and introduces a new type of occupational therapy, based on the interaction of real objects with augmented reality.

We use Myro for rehabilitation of: basic motor functions, fine motor skills, rotational movement, hand-eye coordination, motor coordination, but also as occupational therapy for patients with: concentration, selective attention, visual-spatial perception and spatial perceptual capacity disorders.