Nirvana is a complex system that uses virtual reality-based technologies to support motor and cognitive recovery in patients with neuromotor pathology.

The system developed by the American company BTS Bioengineering accelerates the rehabilitation process, supporting the patient in performing exercises dedicated to the recovery of compromised functions. We use the immersion in virtual reality therapy, Nirvana, both to treat sensory-motor deficiencies of the lower or upper limbs, and cognitive impairments, due to central injuries, head trauma or caused by degenerative neurological disorders. Nirvana is the first system without markers, which allows full integration into a realistic work environment, without invasive devices that limit or alter the freedom of interaction. The patient is free to move naturally and interacts directly with the virtual environment due to their movement.

With Nirvana, performing recovery exercises is aided by a high neurosensory stimulation, based on visual and auditory feedback, which sends a strong motivational impulse. The patient thus receives major cognitive and motor stimuli, and the efficiency of the entire recovery process is greatly increased, compared to a conventional therapeutic approach. Basically, our little patient becomes the active protagonist of their own treatment through tailor-made exercises in a virtual environment, attractively sprinkled with the charm of the game. Therapy stimulates proactivity, motivates through direct interaction with the virtual environment and sends to a better result in a shorter time through a complete immersive experience and complete freedom of movement without obstruction of classic equipment: VR glasses, gloves or sensors. Also the results are completely measurable with the help of clear and easy-to-read reports.