alte elemente de biosecuritate

The lighting is with LED technology, being economical, environmentally friendly and ensuring an optimal level for users. The lighting is also evenly distributed, so that hygiene can be monitored in all areas. All accesses are correctly marked with emergency light blocks. The complex also has an electric generator that can take over vital consumers in case of damage to the electricity supplier, ensuring the continuity of lighting.

The building is monitored inside and outside by a system of video cameras with event recording. It is also equipped with a fire detection and alarm center equipped with smoke, gas and temperature sensors, as well as panic buttons.

Gutters and downspouts are automatically defrosted in the event of frost to prevent the accumulation of snow and possible injury to users.

The showers are carefully finished to prevent the development of microorganisms and are adapted to different age groups. You can choose to let the child have a shower alone or you can do accompany him/her, as we ensure the necessary infrastructure for both situations.

All surfaces are anti-slip treated, or are made of materials that do not allow slipping.

The contact elements are either automated so as not to require touching (toilet lids, sink taps, etc.), or completely sanitizable.