The Prokin system represents the top of the range of static and dynamic (proprioceptive) stabilometric assessment, being invented by one of the European leaders, the Italian company Tecno Body. It is a digital mobile platform, with locking function, which allows the immediate transformation of the system from a dynamic to a static one for the stabilometric assessment (e.g., Romberg test, C.O.P oscillation, etc.).

Instability Control: The instability control device is able to automatically change the stability of the system in relation to the detected body weight (weight detected by the force sensors) and to set / enter the instability coefficient.

Stabilometric module: the device offers the possibility to transform into a complete stabilometry system. By closing the pneumatic circuit, the mobile platform stabilizes accurately, allowing the orthostatic assessment of stabilometry. The protocol in using the bipodal system involves a first stabilometric assessment in static condition, followed by a dynamic assessment by progressive coefficients of instability.

The recovery mode is intended for proprioceptive training sessions and for additional checks. The program continuously provides the ideal and real route of the patient, and can be customized.

Assessment method – proprioceptive assessment is a test function, which provides the therapist with an objective assessment of the patient’s proprioceptive conditions. By entering the patient’s weight and the percentage of force applied in the program, control proprioceptive analysis at different levels is also possible. The system provides both a global assessment and an assessment on different segments.

Graphic mode: this program is able to monitor in real time the variations of inclination, the applied loads and the forces exerted on the mobile platform. The graphical representation of the detected data is displayed either by a Cartesian coordinate system or by a system of rehabilitation routes.