It is a complex system  consisting of  5 sub-systems for assessment, diagnosis, recovery and training, covering the entire musculoskeletal system, which uses digital and augmented reality technologies, with the unique advantage of measuring, recording and generating detailed reports on patient progress. . The professional gym and digitally assisted medical recovery, for children over 10 years old and teenager contains the following sub-systems:

The system and  lab for dynamic evaluation, recovery and training of the musculoskeletal system WALKER VIEW – is our solution for  dynamic assessment and recovery of the musculoskeletal system based on augmented reality technology, which improves the quality of movement through a comprehensive analysis of the mode of running and gait.


  • Assessment and training in various modes of aerobic exercise;
  • Assessment and training of the inherent spatial posture during walking and running;
  • Assessment and training on global or segmental coordination and sensory-motor capacity;
  • Assessment and training for joint asymmetry / asymmetry, focus on torso, hip and knee;
  • Assessment and training on the contact time with the support and the length of the step;
  • Inherent biofeedback on joint amplitude during dynamic movement.

The system for evaluating and training static and dynamic balance PROKIN- epresents the state of the art  of static and dynamic (proprioceptive) stabilometric assessment and recovery.

The recovery mode is intended for proprioceptive training , provides the ideal and real route of the patient and can be customized.

Assessment mode provides the therapist with an objective assessment of the patient’s proprioceptive conditions. By entering the patient’s weight and the percentage of force applied in the program, control proprioceptive analysis at different levels is also possible. The system provides both a global assessment and an assessment on different segments.

Graphic mode: this program is able to monitor in real time the variations of inclination, the applied loads and the forces exerted on the mobile platform.

The multiaxial sensitive platform for evaluation, rehab and dynamic training of the upper part, Trunk Tecnobody, with real-time bio-feedback, offering digitally assisted exercises, with the blocking of the lower part. The platform contains 2 fundamental evaluation modules for understanding patients’ motor skills: proprioceptive circular evaluation (in both directions of rotation) and movement limit evaluation. It also contains several appropriate proprioceptive training modules providing real-time feedback on the difference between the ideal-kinesthetic and patient-executed line plus a wide range of virtual reality medical recovery games that capture children’s attention and maintain concentration. for the entire session.

The digital mirror for training and rehab – DIGITAL WALL , is our  our solution  for assessment, training and recovery .

Digital WALL is a state of the art  efficient system  created for children who suffer from an orthopedic condition, but also those who need exercise, for example for weight control. The different test and training modules of control, muscle strength, agility, endurance, posture and proprioceptive system provides a wide range of applicability. At the end of the session, reports are generated that measure progress in real time.

The upper and lower limb therapy system with 3 digitally assisted functions: passive therapy to regulate muscle tone, relax rigid muscles and early mobilization after long rest, sustained motorized therapy that allows easy transition from passive training to active training and active therapy using own muscle strength to defeat adjustable resistance levels.